Caregiver Training At Your Fingertips

Learn how to be a qualified caregiver from the comfort of your personal learning space. Our three main goals are to provide easy access, flexibility, and convenience in the learning process.

Overview of Caregiver Training Packages

  • Skills Videos

    Learn the proper way to provide care from nurses on real people, developed by nurse educators. The videos are in high definition and utilize close-ups, slow motion, and always show the importance of proper technique and body mechanics.

  • Quizzes

    Decades of research show that quizzes are essential to the learning process. Quizzing helps create long-term memories and leads to better performances in examinations. There is a quiz provided at the end of each learning module and an answer key is provided.

  • Instructional Materials

    Each video includes a document (printable PDF) with a brief video description and skills tips. The skills tips discuss "things to remember" and "things to report". These resources are a great way to solidify the learning content presented in the skills videos.


  • What is included in each package?

    Each package contains a set of training videos, instructional materials, and quizzes. For example, if you purchase the perineal care toileting package, you will receive access to six modules (19 videos total), 19 instructional resource handouts, and six quizzes.

  • What does unlimited access mean?

    After purchasing the course, you will have unlimited access to all course content for one year. This means that you can stream videos, review learning materials, and take quizzes 24/7 with no blackout times or days. The course is available for you to be logged in for as long as you want, whenever you want (within your year subscription time frame).

  • Can I print the learning materials?

    All of the learning materials provided in this course, such as care tip sheets and quizzes (anything in PDF form), are available to print for personal use. Study, review, and keep all of the learning materials for future reference!


What our students have to say about us:

“Showing all the different locations you can provide care really took a lot of the guesswork out of how to do the job. ”


Amani B

“I’ve never felt more prepared to take care of someone.”


Kalika W

“I like that the videos weren’t too long, got to the point, and didn’t waste my time.”


Sam L

Caregiver Training Packages